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Edge Metals is Dubai based company, providing “WaterJet, Plasma, Laser” Cutting service to local & gulf region markets, Edge Metals use very modern CNC technology European & American machines to achieve high precision cutting.

Edge Metals provide close tolerance, distortion-free parts with superior edge quality, no burrs, and little need for secondary finishing. We specialize in both architectural and industrial cutting of high quality parts from any type of metal, or industrial plastic. We also handle other materials, such as foam, glass, tile, and stone. Utilizing advanced part nesting techniques enables us to minimize material waste, and we pass that saving on to you. Our high speed equipment is able to generate up to 60,000 psi to cut through material up to 5" thick at speeds up to 600"/minute. Able to create complex shapes and intricate patterns, we fabricate parts measuring up to 6000 x 2000 mm at tolerances to ± 300mm.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a critical part of our operation. When you call Edge Metals, you will be greeted by a member of our professional staff, not an automated answering system. We will work with your CAD files, or digitally duplicate the part if a drawing is not available. In quantities from prototype to full production runs, we offer fast turnaround and very reasonable prices. To learn more about how our precision waterjet cutting services can improve your next project, contact us today.

Edge Metals

Who Can Benefit from our Waterjet Cutting Services?


Machine Shops: Allow us to pre-cut your parts. We can cut out large or small parts with no heat affected zones. This will allow you to more tightly nest your waterjet parts in your mill, save milling time, save wear and tear on your machine, and save milling bits and other consumables.
Sign Companies: We can cut you letters, marquees, banners or other artistic projects your customers want. We can waterjet cut virtually any size and font you can imagine. Allowing us to cut out your letters and marquees can free up your valuable resources for assembly and installation. We can custom cut any font in acrylic, aluminum, stainless, glass or any other material your customer wants.
Metal Fabricators: We can waterjet cut virtually any material up to five inches thick, and with tolerances of up to +/- .005". Our waterjet machining can pre-cut your parts with minimum burr and no heat affected zones.
Manufacturing and Fabrication shops: Allow us to pre-fabricate your parts, prior to your final process. Or, we can create your final product. Metal Stamping and Tool Die Makers: Eliminate tooling costs on short run parts by having cut with our precision waterjet cutting applications. Hard to stamp materials are no problem for our waterjet shop.
Torched or Burned parts: Have a part that is too thick for plasma or laser cutting? We can waterjet cut that part and there will be no heat affected zones and no secondary clean up.
Stone and Tile Fabricators: We can waterjet cut virtually any shape or design you or your customer can imagine. We can help you design and create that custom medallion for your project. Our graphics designer is the best. And, our waterjet cutting operators are skilled to produce your project.
Artistic Designers: If you can imagine it, we can cut it! We would love to help you create those artistic masterpieces. We can custom waterjet cut virtually any material in any shape. Metal art is no problem for our waterjet. We can cut virtually any artistic design, from any material.
Flooring Contractors: Let us help you design and waterjet fabricate and cut out your material for you terrazzo tile project.
Construction Contractors: We can custom cut your ceramic, granite, stone, marble or metal artistic design with quality and precision.
Glass Fabrication: We can waterjet fabricate and cut glass into almost any shape imagined.
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Our Services

Edge Metals offers contract cutting services on computerized cutting machines. The Industry was set up to serve the needs of the UAE & Gulf markets. The unit is managed by a team of dedicated Engineers, Technicians and skilled operators The company has a full technical support and Direct Relation with MicroStep and Automation Line Trading LLC (MicroStep Dealer at the GCC region).

Edge Metals provides cutting of all kind of materials, Thickness up to 150 mm. (Marble, Granit, tiles, ceramic, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Wood and Others).

Full List of Our Cutting Services:
  • Steel

  • Marble

  • Iron

  • Gear

  • Wood

  • Stone

  • Granite


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